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          如何选购大型吸污车? How to buy large sewage suction car?
          2016-09-19 09:28:02   来源:www.hao0856.com   点击:


          所谓的大型吸污车就是罐体容积在8 m³以上,发动机动力在160马力以上的吸污车.购买这类大型吸污车要注意以下几点:
          Large sewage suction truck is called tank volume in more than 8 m in 160 horsepower engine fand, above the sewage suction truck. Buy this kind of large sewage suction truck should pay attention to the following points:
          The first to ask. There is no announcement of the State shall be exempted from the vehicle, because this kind of large sewage suction truck Car Buying money at least have more than 150 thousand, Car Buying surcharge, resulting in more than 10 thousand, additional cost so much if not exempt from national policy support, for consumers, is a great economic burden.
          Second. To see the purchase of the vehicle has no national environmental protection bulletin, in some second tier city, the local government attaches great importance to the environmental protection, if not on the National Environmental Protection Bulletin directory, local vehicle is not the vehicle license, and at the same time, the user has a good Car Buying invoice, transport costs have been also, insurance has been purchased, if not on the card, loss of time and money are quite large.
          Third. Be sure to ask the tank is usually thick steel Car Buying before the general requirements for tank thickness is best with 8mm thick steel, because of the large suction tank space, suction vacuum pump is also large, long time use, because the tank corrosion and other reasons, under the suction of the vacuum pump, the tank is prone to deformation, shorten the service life of the vehicle, causing great economic losses to the user.
          Fourth. The tank body to add the middle of the flange hoop, generally more than ten square meters of large sewage suction car to add two flange hoop, in order to increase the strength and durability of the tank.
          Fifth. Vacuum pump to choose good quality, good service brand, such as the large sewage suction truck is the best choice of 8 tons of double pump, so that large suction, suction faster, more efficient.
          Sixth. Large suction sewage truck due to the large tank capacity, large power, the space and the value of its modification is also large, it can also be equipped with high-pressure cleaning device, you can also add sprinkler.
          Buy large sewage suction car to the regular manufacturers, quality assurance, good after-sales service, we will do our best to make better products for users, so you buy the rest assured that the use of comfort.
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